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Here is a short list of links to the companies that Most & Associates sells products from. These sites are an excellent place to begin when looking for a software patch, upgrade, or general troubleshooting information.

System Manufacturers:

·  Acer

·  Compaq

·  IBM

Motherboard Manufacturers:

· ASUStek Incorporated US Site Taiwan Site

· FIC Corporation US Site Taiwan Site

· Intel Corporation Corporate Site Developer Site

Monitor Manufacturers:

·  KDS

·  Samsung

·  Viewsonic

Sound Card and CD-Rom Manufacturers:

·  Creative Labs

·  Mitsumi

Miscellaneous Hardware Manufacturers:

·  American Power Conversion (APC)

·  Cisco

·  Microtek

·  Okidata

Modem Manufacturers:

·  Diamond Multimedia / Supra

Harddrive Manufacturers:

· Conner has merged with Seagate, please see Seagate’s Website.

·  Fujitsu

·  IBM

·  Maxtor

· Micropolis is out of business

·  Quantum

·  Samsung

·  Seagate

·  Western Digital - We are a Western Digital select reseller

For useful comparisons between harddrives, you may wish to visit The Storage Review.

Video Card Manufacturers:

·  ATI

·  Diamond Multimedia

Software publishers:

·  Artisoft

·  Corel

·  Intuit

·  Microsoft


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